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Creating Value

Since our establishment in 1957, our firm has strived to develop and manufacture new technologies under the slogan of “advancement of technology.” It is precisely because we consider it our mission to sincerely respond to the needs of our customers in order to provide reliable products that we are involved in a wide range of activities – from the research and development of products to the establishment of a quality assurance system. Today, we provide a great variety of products and technologies in a wide range of industries, including automobile parts, housing equipment, medical/financial equipment and industrial equipment. However, these are the fruits of constantly refining and accumulating technologies in response to the needs of our customers. The trust of our customers has become the foundation of the development of our firm and through strong growth we desire to not only be helpful to everyone but we also hope this leads to a contribution to society.

Growing together with mutual help and encouragement – This is the corporate culture of FUKUSHIN ELECTRIC. There is solid cooperation between each and every one of us working here with a sense of responsibility as professionals. This has given birth to the collective strengths of our firm, including “original products that contribute to society” and “contributions to the business of our customers.” We will continue to strive toward the creation of new value in the future. We will continue to take up challenges as “Team FUKUSHIN” equipped with humanity and expertise.

Yasutomo Miyauchi, President & CEO